Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors Q&A

Are your quotes free?

We do offer free estimates. Our appointments are scheduled for an exact day and time to meet with the homeowner. During the estimate we will go over the materials, the scope of the work, answer any questions you may have, and get you the pricing for your project.

Can I get a rough estimate of the cost over the phone?

We are unable to give rough estimates over the phone. Our sales representatives need to come out for a measure as each house is often times different. We also need to have an idea of which products you are interested in as they run at different prices as well.

Does my spouse have to be there?

Yes we do request that both you and your spouse are available to meet during the appointment. Your house is one of your largest investments and questions often times do come up. We like to meet with both of you to go over all of the project, answer both your questions, and show you both the samples to ensure you both get your perfect home.

How long does the average appointment last?

Our average appointment lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. During the appointment the rep will go over the scope of work, the materials used, show you samples of our products, and answer any questions you may have with this process. 

I found nails in my driveway after the container was removed, why?

Sometimes nails may slip through the cracks in the dumpster. We outsource our dumpsters to a different company, so we are not there when it is picked up and are unable to clean the area directly underneath it.

I just had my new roof installed and all of the shingles aren't laying flat?

Asphalt shingles need time to settle. The heat from the sun helps the tar strip seal and settle out. Per the manufacturer this could take up to 6 months. Generally it takes between 2-4 weeks during the summer here and 1-2 months during the winter.

I was informed that the dumpster would be dropped off/picked up in the morning, it is the afternoon and nobody has arrived, is it still being dropped off/picked up?

Yes the dumpster will still be delivered/picked up. The timeframe we give for the dumpsters are estimates due to the fact that we outsource them to another company. Most days they are at the house within the time estimate that they give us to relay to the customer, but occasionally they are a bit off. Please leave the area open for the delivery/pick up of the dumpster. 

What do I need to do as a client during installation?

On all projects we ask for you to secure or remove objects that hang on the wall you may worry about falling and during roofing projects we ask for the driveway to be clear of vehicles during the installation. You do not have to be home during installation but you are more than welcome to for all projects except windows. Since window installation requires interior access we will call to schedule a date that works for you.

Why does my yard look like a construction site?

During the installation process our guys concentrate on getting anything they have opened up closed off for the day. Our guys do a general clean up at the end of each day to make sure the yard isn't too messy and that nothing will be blowing around. After completion our guys will do a thorough clean up.

Why was rotten wood replacement not included in my initial quote?

Prior to removing the roof or siding we are unable to see the rotten wood as it is covered up. As rotten wood is come across we do give a call informing you of the area and the cost as soon as it is uncovered. We also do provide pictures of the rotten areas. During all complete projects we give up to 2 sheets of OSB or 20' of wood as well.

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