Work Requests in Newport News

Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Newport News. Learn more about Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors's recent work requests in Newport News and nearby areas!

Learn more about Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors, Inc.'S recent work requests in Newport News, VA
Vicinity of Linda Drive in Newport News
Need repairs to roof, trusses and siding after wind storm. Tree has fallen on house causing extensive damage.
Vicinity of Malden Lane in Newport News
Install siding in the front porch. May we have an estimate? Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Rosewood Lane in Newport News
Looking for a replacement roof at a fair price. I saw that your business has a financing program with 0% for 60 months.
Vicinity of Old Courthouse Way in Newport News
Request estimate for a roof replacement
Vicinity of Monroe Ave in Newport News
Seamless gutter installation estimate
Vicinity of Hardwick Rd in Newport News
My dormers need fixing
Vicinity of Susan Constant Dr in Newport News
Need 2 dormers and 2 windows wrapped.
Vicinity of WEndwood Drive in Newport News
Roof Leaking
Vicinity of Sinton RD in Newport News
Roof replacement quote for a 1,220 sq ft ranch.
Vicinity of Colberts Lane in Newport News
Need a estimate to reroof house, garage,and shed. Changing color of shingles from tan/ brown to a blue. What a separate estimate for aluminum siding to be removed replace with vinyl tan to match the garage coloring. How long to complete either or both jobs cost and materials?
Vicinity of Amber Ct in Newport News
Vicinity of Creekstone Drive in Newport News
Looking to replace the roof.
Vicinity of Backspin Ct in Newport News
Need roof reshingled
Vicinity of Backspin Ct in Newport News
Roof is 20 years+ old....need new shingles.
Vicinity of WARWICK LANDING PKWY in Newport News
Vicinity of Kings Ridge Dr in Newport News
Wind damage caused multiple shingles on roof to come off.
Vicinity of Huxley Place in Newport News
Would like an estimate for roof and windows, possibly siding and gutters.
Vicinity of Darden Dr in Newport News
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Filson Ct in Newport News
One of our pipe collars is leaking. we rent the home to our daughter and live in central virginia. we noticed the evidence of a leak the last time we visited. My husband went into the attic and traced the leak to the pipe collar where the rubber boot had a crack. My husband is active military and works in DC so we need someone to take care of this repair for us. can you help?
Vicinity of Stevens Road in Newport News
Siding replacement
Vicinity of Woodhaven Road in Newport News
A few stains in cieling from apparent leak. Roof is 20 yrs old. Hoping repair work is all that is needed.
Vicinity of Louise Dr in Newport News
Roof leaking in one area on second floor near front of house. Noted missing shingles in that area of the roof
Vicinity of Louise Dr in Newport News
Roof leaking in one area on second floor near front of house. Noted missing shingles in that area of the roof
Vicinity of Bryson Court in Newport News
I need a free quote for a roof replacement. Townhouse and shed, Cedar Brown 3 Tab Shingles made by Certain Teed must be used. Replacement of plywood most of which would be fire retardant due to shared wall. New plumbing vent stack boots (black) Please contact me via email.
Vicinity of Meadow Drive in Newport News
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Sandra Drive in Newport News
Like a quote for new roof and gutters
Vicinity of Willow Green Dr in Newport News
Needs roof son rents presently, asphalt approx. 1560 sq ft. 48 bundles to match. May be some damage to sheathing if so replaced.
Vicinity of Cindy Circle in Newport News
Hello, I would like to get a free estimate for roof replacement. Thank you very much, Quyen
Vicinity of Whitewater Drive in Newport News
I have a few missing and damaged shingles that need to be replaced
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Newport News
I need total roof replacement for house. Need someone who is skilled at valleys and flashing I will be there on Thursday and Friday of this week if it is possible to do estimate then. I am a home improvement contractor and this is a rental property...please price for the job, not the neighborhood
Vicinity of Bent Branch Ln in Newport News
Wet spot developed in my bedroom ceiling. Under a tight budget but would like repair vs replace quote.
Vicinity of Bedford Rd in Newport News
We would like an estimate for a new roof.
Vicinity of Chartwell Drive in Newport News
Need a quote to replace thirteen windows.
Vicinity of Maxwell Lane in Newport News
We are looking for a roofing repair/replacement for our rental property at 208 Maxwell Lane in Newport News.
Vicinity of Meredith Way in Newport News
Front of house has bay window attached. Roof is leaking inside approximately where the main house is attached to the bay window. Very small leak. It can rain for hour or more before the leak starts to drip. There is a popped nail in the shingles above that area. Or I might have damaged the flashing / sealant above the area when I pressure washed the siding. Leak started directly after cleaning that area.
Vicinity of Bernard Dr in Newport News
Looking to get a quote to replace our roof, and if you do faceboards/gutters, include those. A quote on soding is also desired.
Vicinity of Old Lucas Creek Road in Newport News
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Chatsworth Dr in Newport News
Seeking to replace vinyl siding on entire house apx 1900 sq ft
Vicinity of Bradmere Loop in Newport News
I have a leak in the roof and it has caused some water damage to the framing and plywood.
Vicinity of Glendale Road in Newport News
Small hole in roof near gutter. Had gutters cleaned out and was told the front side of roof was weak. Plywood getting old. May need repair or complete roof. We have State Farm homeowners ins. Hoping ins.will cover cost. Standard rancher style house.
Vicinity of Shannon Dr in Newport News
Want to get an estimate on window n siding
Vicinity of Cedar Glen Court in Newport News
Missing three shingle on the roof and a missing metal drip edge. need a quote ASAP! Please contact me by phone or text.
Vicinity of ROSLYN RD in Newport News
I have water seeping into my garage from behind the siding. It seems to be that the water is not draining out of the bottom properly so it is draining into my garage. I have a two story home built in 1992 or 1994. The issue is one the side that does get the most rain and weather. I am looking for someone that can come take a look and hopefully get the problem fixed. Thank you.
Vicinity of Jefferson Avenue in Newport News
I am a manager at a local storage facility. recent winds have caused damage to some of our foam roofing and we are looking for an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of N Magruder Road in Newport News
Leak on house roof.Garage roof needs a lot of help
Vicinity of Old Oyster Point Road in Newport News
We are looking at replacing our roof due to a leak we are having. We would like to get an estimate done for that.