Learn more about Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors, Inc.'S recent work requests in Virginia Beach, VA
Vicinity of South Gum Avenue in Virginia Beach
House built in 2007, a piece of siding and some aluminum foiling is gone, wanna replace and get estimate asap
Vicinity of Ashley Drive in Virginia Beach
Would like an estimate for roof replacement. Interested in the 60 month 0% financing.
Vicinity of Afton Ct in Virginia Beach
I would like to receive a quote for siding and hear about your 0% apr for 48-60 months.
Vicinity of Tanner Ct. in Virginia Beach
Looking for quote on replacing faucets, wrap with vinyl and vinyl siding.
Vicinity of Stewart Dr in Virginia Beach
Roof is saving, and is need of repair.
Vicinity of Gettysburg Road in Virginia Beach
I would like a quote to replace my vinyl siding. I will need some wood replaced too. I am looking to fix it up to sell in the future. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lineberry Rad in Virginia Beach
Need estimate for whole house gutter replacement (fascia repair as needed) and roof repair (leak around attic fan).
Vicinity of Sword Dancer Drive in Virginia Beach
I live in a town home and my fire wall is sinking in. I need to replace it before I put it on the market. I would like a quote for that and for a whole new roof just in case. Thank you!
Vicinity of Farmworth Trail in Virginia Beach
Need a new roof.
Vicinity of Kiawah Ct in Virginia Beach
I would like an estimate to replace my roof.
Vicinity of Westerly Drive in Virginia Beach
Our roof and gutters got damaged during wind storm. We have an estimate from insurance for cost and we need to get the work done. Full roof and gutters. We have also been informed there was siding damage but we still have to have insurance look at it. I have a printout with dimensions.
Vicinity of Coastview Court in Virginia Beach
I work for a management company and we need an estimate to replace all of the vinyl siding
Vicinity of Severn Drive in Virginia Beach
I have a outdoor building that needs siding and 2 windows. It is approx. 18 ft x 12 1/2 ft
Vicinity of Litchfield Way in Virginia Beach
Roof damage from recent wind events. Looking at full replacement of shingles.
Vicinity of Brooklyn Ave in Virginia Beach
We need to replace the roof on our two story garage.
Vicinity of Gates Landing Road in Virginia Beach
Need to replace 6 windows
Vicinity of Wyckoff Dr in Virginia Beach
Hello, I live in a townhouse that still has the original roof from 1995. It's missing shingles and needs to be replaced. So I'm curious to how much it would cost. Best way to contact me is by email.
Vicinity of Grey Dove Court in Virginia Beach
I need to get an estimate for roof repairs. Shingles were blown away during last wind storm we had on March 2nd. I have a claim with insurance company and am in need of getting roof repaired. Thinks
Vicinity of Kenstock Dr in Virginia Beach
Roof leaking. repair or replace?
Vicinity of Bulls Bay Drive in Virginia Beach
The storm last week has damaged at least a few shingles that I would like to have repaired/replaced.
Vicinity of Pathfinder Drive in Virginia Beach
Need siding replaced for whole house. Looking for quotes to compare contractors.
Vicinity of Purebred Drive in Virginia Beach
I lost a bunch of shingles in the wind storm. Looking for estimates to repair and possibly replace.
Vicinity of Sacramento Drive in Virginia Beach
Several large patches of shingles have blown off last night and today. Need repair or replacement ASAP.
Vicinity of RIPPLEMEAD DRIVE in Virginia Beach
Apparently I have a roof leak. Would like a no charge estimate.
Vicinity of Londale Court in Virginia Beach
Looking for an estimate on siding, trim. gutters, and replacing a window. Thank you!
Vicinity of Bunker Hill Lane in Virginia Beach
I would like to replace the siding on my home
Vicinity of Frost Road in Virginia Beach
I am looking to replace my roof. I do not need to be home for you to come do an estimate. Email and text are the easiest ways to reach me.
Vicinity of Lawson Hall Rd in Virginia Beach
Estimate on roof residential roof replacement
Vicinity of Derby Wharf Drive in Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach was hit with hail last April but I never had any inspection done to make sure my roof wasn't damage. I would like to get a free inspection. Tha ks
Vicinity of Belle Haven Dr in Virginia Beach
Looking for a new roof with financing to pay for the project.
Vicinity of Peritan Road in Virginia Beach
We would like to convert our sliding glass doors to French doors that has a pet door in one of the panels. I know this is a special order, but are you able to provide this type of door? Thank you. Home was built in 1979.
Vicinity of High Gate Mews in Virginia Beach
Replace windows, doors, and siding
Vicinity of Vogel Ct in Virginia Beach
Looking for an estimate for whole house side.
Vicinity of Lynbrook Landing in Virginia Beach
Need the old cedar shingles removed and replaced with vinyl siding on the gables of my house.
Vicinity of Pond Cypress Drive in Virginia Beach
Roofing leak possibly from valley on North side of house.
Vicinity of Pastern Brief in Virginia Beach
I need an estimate for a roof replacement and would like to schedule to do so. Thank you
Vicinity of Bridle Creek Blvd in Virginia Beach
I am looking for a quote of how much it will cost to replace the siding on my home.
Vicinity of Longwood in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Hilltop Road in Virginia Beach
Existing roof is old and needs replacement
Vicinity of Quarter Way in Virginia Beach
Replacement windows needed throughout the house.
Vicinity of FIELDSTONE CIR in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Farmers Court in Virginia Beach
Need to see if I need a new roof.
Vicinity of Lakecrest Rd in Virginia Beach
Old ugly roof need replacement.
Vicinity of Marvell Rd in Virginia Beach
I need a repair estimate for roof damage. This is a rental property and may be storm related.
Vicinity of Old Guard Cres. in Virginia Beach
Need an estimate for siding
Vicinity of Bagpipers Lane in Virginia Beach
We are looking at getting a new roof and vinyl siding for our house.
Vicinity of Light Horse Loop in Virginia Beach
Siding repair from storm damage.
Vicinity of Windbrooke Lane in Virginia Beach
I need a replacement window. My front window is broken and need to replace the top window pane.
Vicinity of Donnington CT in Virginia Beach
I need a new roof. Looking for a ridge vent and architect shingles.
Vicinity of Warner Hall Drive in Virginia Beach
Roof is at least 20 yrs old, There are loose boots that are visible, and missing shingles. I'm concerned about the shape the wood underneath is in.
Vicinity of Light Horse Loop in Virginia Beach
Need new roof with owenscorning durations shingles / need quote.
Vicinity of Hialeah Drive in Virginia Beach
Looking into replacing the roof on my parent's house
Vicinity of Aragon Dr in Virginia Beach
Would like to change the color of my siding, i like my trim and windows, and shutters window dressing. just want the white siding changed to a different color.
Vicinity of MEADOW SAGE LN in Virginia Beach
Hi, I am trying to find someone that could help me with a small section of 4 inch aluminum siding. I am removing a french door and replacing with a window and need the siding for repair. Color doesn't matter. Thank you!
Vicinity of Churchill Ct in Virginia Beach
Few metal siding blew off and need replacement
Vicinity of Burton Station Road in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Glanmire Dr in Virginia Beach
Need Roof Replacement and Window Replacement
Vicinity of Brentwood Crescent in Virginia Beach
Tear-off and roof replacement
Vicinity of Christopher Farms Dr in Virginia Beach
Need three small bathroom Windows replace, all of house was replaced by premier Windows in 2008
Vicinity of Joppa Ln in Virginia Beach
Require roof replacement
Vicinity of MEADOW SAGE LN in Virginia Beach
I would like to get an estimate to replace the aluminum siding on my townhouse with vinyl.
Vicinity of Gibson Cove Pl in Virginia Beach
Tornado damage need estimate for roof, siding
Vicinity of Ewing Pl in Virginia Beach
Having roofing, siding and window damage from recent tornado
Vicinity of Swallow Lane in Virginia Beach
Replace home vinyl siding
Vicinity of W. Plantation Rd. in Virginia Beach
Roof Siding 2 windows
Vicinity of Joppa Lane in Virginia Beach
I am looking at replacing my roof, vinyl siding & trim. I do have a coupon and am interested in 0%apr. Thank you.
Vicinity of River Road in Virginia Beach
Need a new roof. repair some areas of rot and storm damage.
Vicinity of Credle Rd in Virginia Beach
We need a full roof replacement on the duplex we live in. If it helps to do the estimate we have an area of 36 squares and a predominant pitch of 4. If you do gutters as well are there any package deals for adding them?
Vicinity of Birks Lane in Virginia Beach
I have a ranch with a pitched roof and a valley. It is leaking somewhere in the valley into the attic and on the ceiling.
Vicinity of Sword Dancer Dr in Virginia Beach
Need to repair siding on house and chimney before moving.
Vicinity of Abbotsbury Ct in Virginia Beach
Need new roof installed
Vicinity of Fremac Drive in Virginia Beach
Flat roof building Interested in SPF foam coverage
Vicinity of Wildwood Dr. in Virginia Beach
I would like an estimate on replacing the siding on my house.
Vicinity of Loblolly Lane in Virginia Beach
Wind has blown single shingles off the roof in all different areas around the roof. And there's a piece of plywood that is sagging and needs to be replaced
Vicinity of Christopher Farms Drive in Virginia Beach
I have water damage to the header that extends out from the house and supports the front porch. I believe that it needs to be replaced along with the soffit and fascia.
Vicinity of Maralon DR in Virginia Beach
I need to replace my roof and siding. Also may go ahead and replace the windows as well
Vicinity of High Plains Drive in Virginia Beach
Roof leaking at the sky light
Vicinity of Tim Tam Run in Virginia Beach
Need my roof checked do to it leaking
Vicinity of Sandfiddler in Virginia Beach
Roofing damage during storm
Vicinity of Maple Cluster, Ct in Virginia Beach
Need free estimate for roof replacement with measurement
Vicinity of Earlston Ln in Virginia Beach
Sometimes my roof leaks when it rains. I originally thought it was leaking through my skylight, but during Hurricane Matthew the leak was nowhere near or trailing from it.
Vicinity of Ashley Drive in Virginia Beach
Leaks in roof, especially over the sunroom. Looking into replacing roof.
Vicinity of Stephanie Court in Virginia Beach
Complete roof work needed.
Vicinity of Battleford Drive in Virginia Beach
Hello, I'm looking to get separate estimates for roof and window replacement. Thanks
Vicinity of Burwillow Drive in Virginia Beach
Estimate of roofing
Vicinity of Consul Avenue in Virginia Beach
Replacement of asphalt shingle roof. 1200SF 1-story ranch house. Hip roof with shed porch roof. Complete before Thanksgiving Holiday.
Vicinity of Dark Star Run in Virginia Beach
The roof is leaking into a bedroom and mold is acuring because of the leak
Vicinity of Sydenham Ct in Virginia Beach
Some leaks from recent storm. Affected areas are family room by the fire place, opposite corner, sun room and walls on both areas
Vicinity of Windy Pines Bend in Virginia Beach
Requesting estimate for whole house vinyl siding project
Vicinity of Cherrywood Lane in Virginia Beach
Have some water spots appearing in my ceiling from the recent storms. Would like to see if I can file an homeowner's insurance claim to have repaired.
Vicinity of Bracston Rd in Virginia Beach
Need estimate for storm damage repairs. Possibly missing shingles. Siding and wood blown off from second story near roof.
Vicinity of Wayman Lane in Virginia Beach
Leaking roof
Vicinity of Taylor Road in Virginia Beach
Remove existing shingles and install new shingles. To include: -All materials and labor to install (OC) Owens Corning Duration Architectural shingles. -15lb. asphalt paper underlayment. -Ice and Water Shield on perimeter. -OC starter. -OC Ridge Vent. -OC Capping. -Replace all pipe collars. -Dumpster/disposal. Re-roof sequence: Remove one layer of shingles, felt paper, pipe collars, remove box vents, and inspect sheathing for existing moisture damage. Install ice and water shield, install moisture barrier, install starter course, install associated flashing, install shingles per manufactures specifications, install pipe collars, install ridge vent, capping, install caulking where needed, and clean work area and dispose of all materials to approved waste site.
Vicinity of Crabtree Lane in Virginia Beach
My sister, Sharon Nicklas, referred me as she was a previous customer of yours. We have some leaks coming from our roof into our living room area. Would like an estimate to repair it and for sealing the concrete/masonry around chimney.
Vicinity of Fairfax Drive in Virginia Beach
Sunday, I noticed a water spot on my bedroom ceiling. Yesterday I cleaned out my front gutters, but I don't think my gutter is draining water properly and I need someone to look at roof to check for damage and to get estimate for repair on what the cause may be. Thank you
Vicinity of Salem Road in Virginia Beach
Slight leakage during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Bierce Drive in Virginia Beach
Roof is 20 years old -- some leakage from kitchen ceiling -- request an estimate for roof replacement -- would like to meet with your rep on Monday, October 10th.
Vicinity of Crosby Road in Virginia Beach
Need to replace my roof
Vicinity of Rica Ct. in Virginia Beach
Just found leak in back bedroom ceiling by chimney wall. Help!
Vicinity of Bromley Court in Virginia Beach
My wife has called Premier Roofing and Siding several times to set up a time to have your company come and do some recalking around our windows. we received a call back that your company would call us back for a time and date. that has been over two months ago and still no call back. sure would like my windows recalked to keep from having water damage. Please call and set up a time. Thank You Very Much.
Vicinity of Bartholomews Crossing in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Chalk Ct in Virginia Beach
We have 3 leaks in our roof, we are looking to get an estimate on a) repairing the leaks and b) a new roof altogether. Our house is a 1 story townhouse that is 785 square feet with a chimney and a sunroof. We would also be looking to secure financing depending on the cost of service.
Vicinity of Monarch Drive in Virginia Beach
2nd floor bathroom exhaust fan leaking water during heavy rain.
Vicinity of GREY FRIARS CHASE in Virginia Beach
Leaking roof.
Vicinity of Clifton Bridge Dr in Virginia Beach
I have a leak coming from my garage overhang where the siding overlaps with the roof, and the same thing is happening on the other side for our front room.
Vicinity of Hialeah Dr in Virginia Beach
Looking for estimate to replace roof, windows and vinyl siding and trim
Vicinity of N Budding Ave in Virginia Beach
Need new roof on garage, possible house also.
Vicinity of Lindenwood Court in Virginia Beach
We have a leak along the roof line where an addition was added onto the home. Water is coming into the home when it rains hard.
Vicinity of Pinebrook Drive in Virginia Beach
Request estimates for roofing, siding and trim
Vicinity of Dunn Ct in Virginia Beach
Roof has currently run its course, getting quotes for full replacement
Vicinity of Coliss Ave in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Dunnebrook Drive in Virginia Beach
Missing shingles on roof.
Vicinity of Sheepshead Ln in Virginia Beach
Repair or replace rear townhouse roof.
Vicinity of Gravenhurst Dr in Virginia Beach
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Stephanie Court in Virginia Beach
Need roof estimate for my townhouse
Vicinity of Clyde St in Virginia Beach
Replace of roof.
Vicinity of Preserve Drive in Virginia Beach
Townhouse with cedar shake siding would like to replace with vinyl and cap all trim.
Vicinity of Halfmoon Cres. in Virginia Beach
All four roof collars have holes in them.water leaking through cealing
Vicinity of Storm Bird Loop in Virginia Beach
Full roof replacement need quote
Vicinity of Hillock Crossing in Virginia Beach
Planning on getting shingles replaced. Garage roof has small damage.
Vicinity of Upper Greens Place in Virginia Beach
I would like to have a free estimate on replacing the roof on my home.
Vicinity of Ketch Court in Virginia Beach
I need a new roof. I have had this one for 15 years, but I've had to repair it several times, and think its time to replace. My roof size is approx. 1200 sq.ft. I'm in a high wind area of Bayfront.
Vicinity of Twinflower Lane in Virginia Beach
Roofing Estimate
Vicinity of Dylan Dr in Virginia Beach
I'm interested In gutters and siding.
Vicinity of Selwood Court in Virginia Beach
Wrap trim in aluminum
Vicinity of Anderson Way in Virginia Beach
We have a 2 story home with a Mansard roof so siding is on on the 1st story. We are looking to replace the deteriorating material currently there with vinyl siding and vinyl shaker shingles as an accent. We also need to replace Windows which will probably need to be done 1st, then the roof where squirrels have been a constant battle.
Vicinity of Reasor Drive in Virginia Beach
None, other than the roof is approaching 40 years old and probably needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Avery Way in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Manor Glenn CT in Virginia Beach
Have a leak. Need estimate to repair or replace roof on a townhouse end unit. Approximately 1876 sq feet townhouse.
Vicinity of Costa Grande Dr in Virginia Beach
New roof
Vicinity of Birnam Woods Ct in Virginia Beach
Looking for a quote on new windows, we're buying a house and it has it's original 1978 windows. Asking to apply coupon in the Merchant Mailer (Buy 5 get 1 free) or military discount.
Vicinity of Sycamore Road in Virginia Beach
We need a quote for a replacement patio door and 2 windows.
Vicinity of Gem Court in Virginia Beach
This morning a disturbing noise was heard due to the strong wind. It was the aluminum part side of the roof.