Work Requests in Chesapeake

Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Chesapeake. Learn more about Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors's recent work requests in Chesapeake and nearby areas!

Learn more about Premier Roofing & Siding Contractors, Inc.'S recent work requests in Chesapeake, VA
Vicinity of Weeping Cedar Trail in Chesapeake
We need the roof on our addition redone. there is a leak and it has caused water stains on our daughters playroom.
Vicinity of Flag Rd in Chesapeake
Due to the storm we have a leak in the bathroom and want ed to get an estimate
Vicinity of Sunrise Avenue in Chesapeake
I want to replace my vinyl siding on my house and shed prior to putting my house on the market. I'd like to set up a quote.
Vicinity of Windy Road in Chesapeake
Vicinity of Tawnyberry Lane in Chesapeake
Water stains in one bedroom of our home. Shingles missing on toof overtop that bedroom.
Vicinity of San Roman Dr in Chesapeake
There are several minor leaks on the front of townhouse, one of which is from the gable vent. Additionally, some of the rake boards in the rear of the home need to be replaced due to carpenter bee damage.
Vicinity of Big Pond Lane in Chesapeake
Interested in a new roof
Vicinity of Marina Reach in Chesapeake
Hi There, I need a new roof put on the home I just purchased. Possibly looking at windows as well. I'd like a quote please. Let me know what you need from me. thanks!
Vicinity of Oak Ridge Dr in Chesapeake
Looking to replace 7 plumbing stack vents and a little aluminum trime piece.
Vicinity of Guenevere Drive in Chesapeake
Vinyl siding
Vicinity of Providence Rd in Chesapeake
Replace a back part of my roof that has a hole in the plywood.
Vicinity of Marilla Lane in Chesapeake
Seen two shingles on ground around house
Vicinity of Drum Creek Rd in Chesapeake
Looking to have the fascia & soffit wrapped on our 1 story brick ranch.
Vicinity of Aguila Drive in Chesapeake
I am planning on doing an exterior refresh on my house. Roof, Windows and Siding.
Vicinity of Sun Valley Cres in Chesapeake
Replacement or treat window replace gutters roof status
Vicinity of Butrico Rd in Chesapeake
Looking to replace a 15 year roof, one story
Vicinity of Cannon Point Dr in Chesapeake
Need estimate for roof replacement
Vicinity of Orville Ave in Chesapeake
Need roof replaced gutters and soffits some corner damage from tree falling and hitting corner
Vicinity of Turtle Rock Trace in Chesapeake
A few missing shingles need replaced for satisfying a home inspection in a home sale.
Vicinity of Fair Oak Dr in Chesapeake
We have a two story home that has lost lots of shingles from the last few storms. We think it is time to get a new roof.
Vicinity of Quarter Path Trl in Chesapeake
Looking to replace the siding on our home
Vicinity of Diamond Hill Road in Chesapeake
Roof damage from wind last week needs to have an inspection done and repair quote
Vicinity of Creekwood Drive in Chesapeake
Siding blew off house in wind storm. Siding planks are damaged along with some sheathing underneath.
Vicinity of Dexter St E in Chesapeake
Missing shingles from wind
Vicinity of Harvest Trl in Chesapeake
The aluminum wrapped facia on the front of my house is starting to peel. Instead of painting I'd like to get an estimate to replace.
Vicinity of Fentress Road in Chesapeake
Wind is ripping shingles off the roof, at least 30 or more so far. I would like someone out to assess the damage ASAP.
Vicinity of Sandy Hill Way in Chesapeake
Roof shingles sustaining damage with high winds. Roof 26yr old. Looking at estimate for a new roof that won't break the bank or replacing shingles.
Vicinity of Pinecroft Lane in Chesapeake
I had a tree removed on this side of my home and it had damaged the top portion of my shingles and flashing on the house. I have pictures to provide if needed.
Vicinity of Angora Court in Chesapeake
Getting ready to sell home. Some small vinyl repairs to siding and soffits and trim. Also install already puchased new siding application (stacked stone cut glue screw) where there is current wood application front exterior of home. Please let me know if any interest. A few pieces of vinyl have holes in them. I maintained some leftover for replacement purposes. Small job.
Vicinity of Barn Way in Chesapeake
My roof is old and need new one
Vicinity of Watch Island Reach in Chesapeake
Had some leaks during the recent winter storm so would like to get a quote on a new roof and gutter guards. Will also need some wood replaced from leaks
Vicinity of Holly Cove Dr in Chesapeake
I would like an estimate on replacing a roof for a townhouse
Vicinity of NA in Chesapeake
Looking for a contractor or subcontractor for a large project coming up in the Chesapeake area. Contact via email is preferred. Thank you.
Vicinity of Peachtree Dr in Chesapeake
I had a s low leak in my roof 2 years ago, there was a stain on the ceiling in the bedroom and the person who came out to fix it, said it was fixed. The stain has gotten darker so I had my son in law go up in the roof and he found it leaking, It appears to be right where the old leak was so while not sure, I believe it may have never been fixed.
Vicinity of Norris Lane in Chesapeake
I need an estimate to replace the vinyl siding on my home.
Vicinity of Decatur Street in Chesapeake
We have to have 4 shingles replaced for a refi. It's a Cape Cod style home with a steep roof. One shingle will be easy - low near gutter. One will be difficult midway up at very edge. The other two are midway up in the middle. Looking for someone who can do this for under $200. Please don't call if your charge is over that. Thanks!
Vicinity of Esplanade Place in Chesapeake
Would like to replace aged roof
Vicinity of Annandale Drive in Chesapeake
Need roof replacement on house and garage and new roofing trim.
Vicinity of Great Bridge Blvd in Chesapeake
We have rental home in Chesapeake that has some repairs that are needed. The fascia on the front of the roof needs to be repaired and the garage trimming. We live in California and are trying to find someone who will work with us to fix our rental home and work with our tenants
Vicinity of in Chesapeake
Need a roof. I'm also looking to get the skylights replaced. They are hand crank.
Vicinity of Madera Road in Chesapeake
Leaking roof and skylight
Vicinity of Willow Oak Drive in Chesapeake
Want to wrap my house with vinyl.
Vicinity of Fairfax Terrace in Chesapeake
After rain storm, there is bubbling in the ceiling in two rooms, and there are 4 different water spots in another room. Roof needs to be fixed as well as the ceilings
Vicinity of Land Of Promise Rd in Chesapeake
Need roof repaired and replaced porch roof need to be completely repaired
Vicinity of Moor Dale Ct. in Chesapeake
Looking to replace the siding (masonite) & trim on my house - I am interesting in Everlast Polymeric Cladding as an option...
Vicinity of Lamp Post Drive in Chesapeake
Several loose shingles on my roof.
Vicinity of HIllwell Rd in Chesapeake
Roof Replacement with 30 Yr Architectural shingle 25 sq in total Cape Cod style house
Vicinity of New Mill Dr in Chesapeake
There seems to be a leak in one room in my room with the ceiling being slightly damaged
Vicinity of Dorothy Ct in Chesapeake
Need 2 sections of fascia flashing fixed one on the front of the house, right side and the other section on the gable heading from the front right up to the top. I also have a vinyl vent for a bathroom fan that needs replaced. The louver was broken at one point and birds were trying to get in so I screwed a board over it.
Vicinity of Saint Brides Road East in Chesapeake
Roof replacement/repair of rafters. Need quote soonest. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ardmore Ave in Chesapeake
Vicinity of N Haven Cir in Chesapeake
Just checking to see if you guys repair wrap around soffits. I have some wrap that has fallen down around the soffits on an A frame in front of my house. I have the pieces but need them to be secured back in place. Thanks!
Vicinity of Pineridge DR in Chesapeake
50 yr old house needs siding & possible window replacement.
Vicinity of N.G.Washington HWY in Chesapeake
Roof leak replace gutters minor repairs
Vicinity of Masters Row in Chesapeake
Remove and replace roof with ridge vents
Vicinity of Foxgate Quarter in Chesapeake
There were a few pieces of siding that came off during the storms last week. The Homeowner (this is a rental) was told by insurance company to get a whole house assessment done to determine the severity of the damage and the anticipated cost.
Vicinity of Country RD in Chesapeake
Looking for replacing vinyl trim around two garage doors. Current trim is peeling and has holes in it.
Vicinity of Seaboard Ave in Chesapeake
I have a metal roof and I have siding that is missing and need to see how much it is going to cost
Vicinity of Willow Ave in Chesapeake
I need a quote for a roof replacement
Vicinity of Faulk St in Chesapeake
I would like to get an estimate on vinyl siding.
Vicinity of Meadows Landing in Chesapeake
Missing shingles on the roof and possible leaking around sealing of fireplace.
Vicinity of Maywood Street in Chesapeake
Need to replace roof
Vicinity of Wickford Drive in Chesapeake
Looking to upgrade my 30+ years old windows. I only have three windows. I'd like to get quote to compare the cost that does not hurt my pocket.
Vicinity of Chesapeake Ave in Chesapeake
Need estimate for new roof.
Vicinity of Birchwater Avenue in Chesapeake
I have a leak in my roof.
Vicinity of Gresham Way in Chesapeake
Would like to upgrade from wood to Vinyl trim.
Vicinity of MILL CREEK PARKWAY in Chesapeake
Vicinity of MILL CREEK PARKWAY in Chesapeake
Vicinity of W Landing Drive in Chesapeake
Roof fan damaged - may or may not be working. Squirrels using it as a way into my attic. Repair or replacement needed.
Vicinity of Royal Tern Ct in Chesapeake
I need to have my siding replaced. Preferably with hardie plank or LP smart siding
Vicinity of Driftwood Drive in Chesapeake
We are currently looking at the possibility of replacing roof, siding, and possibly windows, but need more pricing information prior to making decisions.
Vicinity of Driftwood Drive in Chesapeake
We are currently looking at the possibility of replacing roof, siding, and possibly windows, but need more pricing information prior to making decisions.
Vicinity of Summit Ridge Drive in Chesapeake
Full shingle replacement on residential home.
Vicinity of Gray Rock Rd in Chesapeake
I have a brick ranch house built in 2003; on the FROG there is a white siding that looks like particle board that is rotting at the corners/where it meets the roof, looking for an estimate to have it removed and replaced. It can be seen/accessed from the driveway so I don't think I need to be there.
Vicinity of VALMIRE DRIVE in Chesapeake
Need to schedule a roof estimate for my home and two exterior sheds. I have to unclock the gates first. Intersted in replacement of everything from the brick and/or siding up including, soffet, rip off gutters for good, fascia, wood and trim replacment on the trim and then the entire roof overhaul. Looking for an architechtural, anti-fungus or anti algae shingle and a ridge vent and of course replacement of all pipe collars. May need some "drip guards" above door and rear deck. I like the look of the gray house in your google ad. without gutters! This is my first estimate. Looking to get work done asap. paying Cash.
Vicinity of West Road in Chesapeake
We have a leak around one of our roof vents as well as around a dormer. There appears to be a dip/sag in the roof just below the area of the dormer leak. Thank you
Vicinity of Clearwater Lane in Chesapeake
16+ year old high pitched roof. Had some minor shingle damage from the hurricane. It seems like time.
Vicinity of Fox Ridge Ct in Chesapeake
A few months ago I contacted you all to see if you can replace/encase the trim around our garage doors. You all did our roof when we first moved in and were extremely pleased with your work. I can't remember if you said that is something you do or not. I would also like for our porch banister and railing to be replaced (with something preferably other than wood.) That is pretty rotted as well. If you could let me know if this is something you all do I would greatly appreciate it. I would rather go with a company I know and trust instead of trying to look/shop around. Thank you so very much for your time. The best way to contact me if via email.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Lndg in Chesapeake
House frame damaged on both sides of house on roof.
Vicinity of Mandarin Lane in Chesapeake
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Albemarle Court in Chesapeake
Need to replace roof, due to age
Vicinity of Bluecastle Way in Chesapeake
Need a new roof
Vicinity of Keaton Way in Chesapeake
Replace siding
Vicinity of Ames Circle N. in Chesapeake
Need Price on a new roof.
Vicinity of Clay Avenue in Chesapeake
Our house's roof needs to be replaced along with possible repairs to wood around chimney.
Vicinity of Timmons Court in Chesapeake
Have a couple leaks in roof, looking to see if it can be repaired or replacing the entire roof.
Vicinity of Fairhaven RD in Chesapeake
Hurricane Matthew damaged roof. Replacement of roof and attic fan now required.
Vicinity of Plantation Lakes Circle in Chesapeake
Leak in garage and room over the garage around the dormer configuration.
Vicinity of Sugar Tree Ct in Chesapeake
Small roof leak
Vicinity of Knight Rd in Chesapeake
We have a leak in the roof and need minor repair
Vicinity of Forest Lakes Circle in Chesapeake
Need roofing assessment and repair/replace. Also, may need repair of chimney-
Vicinity of Clifton St in Chesapeake
Greetings, We are looking to replace our entire roof. The house is estimated around 2,200 sq feet. Thank you.
Vicinity of WICKFORD DR in Chesapeake
Patch for roof.
Vicinity of Thistley Lane in Chesapeake
Windows that are leaking from above with headers molding and nails rusted at the head indicating possible leak from roof, soffit, fascia or brick surround.
Vicinity of Lindale Dr. in Chesapeake
Leak in roof pretty bad coming through ceiling. Needs to be fixed asap. Please use the phone number before you email. I am the tenant the landlord is out of town. He said, just give whoever does the estimate his number, he will handle all the details and payments.
Vicinity of Hornswood Court in Chesapeake
We would like to replace our roof, vinyl siding and gutters as well as have out trim wrapped around the entire house.
Vicinity of Andover Ct in Chesapeake
I have a leak in my roof, more than likely where the side house touches the pitched roof on the garage. It has created a water spot in the ceiling in an upstairs bedroom over the last two or three storms. I crawled into the attic this last storm and was able to get video of the leak in progress.
Vicinity of Miller Ave in Chesapeake
I had a plumber out today and discovered that a bathroom 3 inch copper pipe collar needs replacing. He indicated the pipe itself is not damaged but he could see sky while up in the attic. Wet insulation obviously. Also looks as if some shingles were damaged during recent tropical storm. Since the roof is over 20 years old, I am requesting an estimate of a roof replacement and the pipe repairs. House is about 1260 square feet, 52 years old. Also have a 16 x 20 detached garage and I am not sure whether it needs replacing or not. Thank you for any assistance.
Vicinity of Partridge Ave in Chesapeake
Roof leaked during recent storm. The roof is flat also the ceiling needs some repair work at leak site
Vicinity of Falls Creek Ct in Chesapeake
The four roof vents on our roof are leaking from the rain.
Vicinity of Wright Ave in Chesapeake
Roof leak..either need repair or possible front half replacement.
Vicinity of Stewart Street in Chesapeake
Just wanted to update you on the Historical Society and they have asked me to provide before and after pictures of the roof, which can be e-mailed to me at this address so I can print out and submit to them. Thank you for your help, Rita Thies 1204 Stewart Street Chesapeake, VA 23324 [email protected]
Vicinity of Arce Ct in Chesapeake
Need a new roof
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr in Chesapeake
I have leaks into my frog. There is an issue with the roof and/or vinyl siding.
Vicinity of Tupelo Crossing in Chesapeake
We have a 30'x 12' addition that is almost flat with a tar coating. There have been some leaks and I would now like to have it repaired/replaced.
Vicinity of Weeping Cedar Trail in Chesapeake
Need information on a roof repair/replacement.
Vicinity of South Lake Circle in Chesapeake
This is a replacement for a 20 yr old roof @ my mother-in-laws. We have noticed water stains in 2 upstairs bedrooms. Please do not knock on her door when giving an estimate. Please contact me at the numbers given above with questions/prices. Thank You
Vicinity of Meadows Landing in Chesapeake
Kitchen ceiling has water stains just noticed it yesterday Sunday afternoon. Checked the kitchen ceiling this morning and the water stains had expanded
Vicinity of Rystrom Run in Chesapeake
Need someone to come look at the side or on top of the roof over my kitchen. Started leaking last week when we had those 2 days of heavy downpours. Not a plumbing problem.
Vicinity of Harbor Landing in Chesapeake
My finished room over garage has a leak issue.
Vicinity of Rowlock Court in Chesapeake
I'm seeking a quote for a roof repair and trim work.Possibly vinyl siding as well
Vicinity of Cecilia Terrace in Chesapeake
Interested in replacement siding [insulated] for the house and possible wrapping of the exterior house trim.
Vicinity of Taylorwood Blvd. in Chesapeake
Hi... I have a flat roof (not part of my house shingle roofing) over a portion of my deck. It is aprox. 14 x 12 and has the rubber type roofing installed that appears to be leaking in a few spots. I would appreciate it if one of your roofing specialists could take a look at it and provide me with a free estimate for repair/replacement. Thanks very much for your time. Troy Curnutte
Vicinity of Summerfield Cres in Chesapeake
Vicinity of Summerfield Cres in Chesapeake
Vicinity of Wessex Drive in Chesapeake
One area of roof has waves.
Vicinity of Nautilus Ave in Chesapeake
Missing siding on portion of the house, rotted section of roof wood needs to be replaced, possibly full roof re-shingling needed. Do you do Gutters?
Vicinity of Henry Avenue in Chesapeake
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Bartell Dr. in Chesapeake
Fascia boards and trim need replacement and protection.
Vicinity of Gold Crest Dr in Chesapeake
Water damage to rear of house
Vicinity of Harway Ave in Chesapeake
I would like to replace the siding on my detached garage. It is a 1 1/2 car garage and currently has wood siding on it. I want to replace it with vinyl. Thanks John
Vicinity of McNeal Ave in Chesapeake
Premier replaced our roof almost two years ago. We would like to discuss our siding and gutter options for the half of the house that is not brick. We would prefer something that looks like real wood similar to the wood clapboard that is currently on the house. We would like to change the color from gray to beige. I am available Monday-Wednesday during the week.
Vicinity of Coinbrook Lane in Chesapeake
The roof is 8 years old, has a leak in one area.
Vicinity of Rodgers Street in Chesapeake
Resurface house exterior with vinyl siding and replace gutters.
Vicinity of Flax Mill Dr in Chesapeake
I live in a 2 story house and have a wooden chimney for my fireplace It is about 25 foot to the top of it rust is running down my siding it needs a new metal cap or a preservative
Vicinity of Byrd Ave in Chesapeake
New roof shingles.
Vicinity of Keeling Dr in Chesapeake
Want an estimate for new roof
Vicinity of Hollins CT in Chesapeake
New Roof insurance will pay $3000 upon completion
Vicinity of Cannon Point Dr in Chesapeake
I need to replace damaged vinyl siding and also some trim.
Vicinity of Vance Circle in Chesapeake
A section of the ceiling in my front porch has come down due to the wind.